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Maternal & Child Health Resource Protocols

Anaemia in children
Modified: 18/2/2011
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Antenatal Protocol
Modified: 19/12/2011
135k PDF
Assessing the Sick Child
Modified: 28/03/11
172k PDF
Child Sexual Abuse
Modified: 3/11/10
119k PDF
Diabetes in Pregnancy
Modified: 21/1/11
176k PDF
Diabetes Type II in Children
Modified: 3/11/11
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Ear Health
Modified: 6/09/11
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Ear Health - Preventing Infections; Appendix A,B,C
Modified: 29/6/10
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Failure to Thrive
Modified: 3/11/10
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Non Accidental injury in Children.
Modified: 3/11/10
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Perinatal Depression
Modified: 3/11/10
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Respiratory Disease in Children.
Modified: 3/11/10
143k PDF
Urinary Tract Infections in Children
Modified: 12/1/10
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Kimberley Antenatal Record
Draft VersionHealthy KIds
Modified: 26/8/11
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